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We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers.
We've proudly served hundreds of thousands of customers.
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It is my pleasure to recommend MyCybernet because they have provided me with such exceptional service. I have hosted my website with them for five years and they are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. They make it easy to be a loyal customer.
Ellen Samiec

I have been pleased with the service MyCybernet has provided me over the past 4 years. You and your staff have provided me with prompt service each time changes to my web site were needed. In addition, given my lack of computer knowledge your technical staff consistently helped me in a professional manner. Thanks!
John Randazzo

It has been several years since made the switch to MyCybernet for web hosting services. In that time the MyCybernet team has become a vital partner to our operation. MyCybernet has demonstrated the kind of customer service that we value and respect. From reliable web hosting to domain name transfers and web support their products give us a competitive edge in the business place. As a leader in professional staffing services we have high expectations and the MyCybernet team has more than met the challenge.
Leonard Jean-Pierre
CEO Inc.

Having been a long time customer of Rogers Cable and being involved in our local hockey associations website The Richmond Hill Stars, I was becoming very frustrated at the receptive interruptions of internet service being provided. Our emails to the associations members were being blocked due to excessive use and access to the website was not available it seemed on many occasion's when an important announcement was scheduled to go out. After speaking to [MyCybernet] I was impressed by [their] " if it doesn't work we will make it work " approach. Our down time has been zero and [their] assistance and technical assistance invaluable . I would not hesitate for a split second in recommending mycybernet as a reliable, cost effective internet service provider to anyone who inquires.
Larry Parkinson

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the service we have been receiving from [MyCybernet] over the past 3 years. MyCybernet has handled the original design and programming of the site as well as its hosting from for the last 3 years. We have never had a problem with the server it is being hosted on and have always received exemplary service from the MyCybernet team.

From the design and programming perspective, there have been many alterations and glitches that have needed attention over the last 3 years and every change or issue has been handled with superb customer service and timely turnaround.

Thank you for providing us with a team of design and programming specialists that can handle all our online business needs in a professional and helpful manner. We would not be here without you.

Yours Sincerely,
Shari & Elisa
Publishers, Help! ... We've Got Kids
In Print & Online at

My company started with MyCybernet approximately 1 1/2 years ago as our web site hoster; and at the time we were using a national provider for our DSL service. Due to their outstanding service, I quickly switched to them as our ISP as well. MyCybernet now hosts my company's website, as well as provides DSL service for them along with myself and other members of my family. You will have a hard time beating their price, but you won't beat the service they will provide.

Chris Mara
I.T. Manager
Ostaco 2000 Windoors Inc.

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