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ADSL PPPoE on telephone line

Speed : 512Kbps (down) 512Kbps (up)**

Subscription term : Monthly

Setup fees : None (50$ value)
Frees the telephone line : Yes
Hardware required: DSL Modem
9 E-Mail acounts

Webmail Access

25MB Web Space

16/7 technical support

Dynamic IP addressing


Need More Speed : 5Mbs ADSL $39.95/m  More info



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. DSL Service is not available in all areas or on all telephone lines and is subject to circuit availability.
. This is only a preliminary geographical check to determine if ADSL service is available in your area.
. Some technical limitations may apply.

. In some cases these limitations are not discovered until the time of installation.

. Acceptance of MyCybernet's Terms of Service required.

. MyCybernet reminds you to always download legally.
. Offer limited to customers ordering new ADSL service only.
. Other terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to change without notice
. 3 month special price based on pre-payment

. ** Price Based on Pre Payment




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